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Join our bollywood dance to learn signature dance moves from famous bollywood dance numbers choreographed and performed by various artists. Learn to dance on the foot tapping bollywood songs like Dilliwali girlfriend, Munni Badnam, Sheila ki Jawani and the list goes on and on. Our choreographers will help you master all those signature moves which you have been enjoying watching you favorite artists perform.




How about some fusion of bollywood music and western dance moves? Learn to combine western forms like hip-hop, tutting, krumping, house, old school, new school and urban to bollywood music from our modern day instructors. Enjoy this fusion while bringing together the cultures from the East and the West.





Dance is an expression of emotion. Lyrical Contemporary is performed to reveal the underlying emotions of a songs. It can be best explained as living a moment to the fullest. Learn to express musicality and emotions through your movements.


Stay fit and energetic with our Bollywood fitness classes. Come join us and burn calories in a new and exciting way. Our instructors will guide you through dance numbers while still keeping fitness as the main focus. Working out has never been more fun!


Bhangra, Lavani, Raas, Garba and so many others. Learn all the diverse folk dance forms from India. Our instructors will help you learn the various folk dance styles and appreciate diverse and vibrant cultures of India.


Learn Shastriya Nritya and Semi-classical from our ace choreographers. Our certified instructors will train you in Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali etc and will help you learn the grace, poise and strength of Indian heritage and culture.

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